Terms: Rental Bookings and sales advertisements

Terms & Conditions Of Rental Bookings

  • All bookings for rental apartments require a none refundable deposit of £50. Once this deposit is paid the property will be taken off the market for the requested dates and no other enquiries will be considered. If the booking proceeds, the £50 deposit will be deducted from the final payment for the rented apartment. The £50 deposit will also act as compensation for lost rental opportunities once the apartment has been reserved for you should you cancel the booking at a later date.
  • The full booking fee will be required 10 weeks before the booking start date.
  • No refunds will be given for cancellations within 10 weeks of the booking date under any circumstances.
  • Meet and greet fees will apply for all bookings unless prior arrangements have been made. (€15 between 09:00 and 20:00. €20 between 20:00 and 24:00. €30 between 24:00 and 09:00)
  • A cleaning fee of €60 is payable for all rental apartments.
  • In extreme circumstances it may be necessary to relocate you to another apartment onsite. If this happens an alternative on site apartment similar to the affected apartment will be found as close to your chosen location as possible.
  • If keys are lost by the rental clients or members of the rental clients group, a new lock will be required to prevent unauthorised entry. A charge of €90 will be charged to cover the cost of a new lock in the event of keys being lost.
  • The meet and greet fee will be applicable for any call out to allow re-entry to the apartment as a result of lost keys or keys left in the apartment.

Sales, Rentals If an owner wishes to advertise the property for sale through Golden Bear Holiday Homes the apartment owner is also entitled to also use any other agent. A 4% commission is charged on the sale price. All advertisements costs are included in the 4% commission (for sale boards, web based advertising etc). If the property is advertised for sale through Golden Bear Holiday Homes but sold by another agent or sold privately by the property owner a 1 % charge of the advertised selling price is payable to Golden Bear Holiday Homes for cost associated with the property being advertised through Golden Bear Holiday Homes. A 10% commission charge will be applicable for all Rentals generated by Golden Bear Holiday Homes. A sale by goldenbearholidayhomes is considered any client purchasing the apartment who has come to goldenbearholidayhomes or its agents for viewing and who then decides to purchase the apartment. The owner accepts that the apartment may be advertised via alternative partnership arrangements with other estate agent’s or media outlets. If the owner decides to take the property of the market and the apartment is sold within 3 months, a commission of €200 will be payable to goldenbearholidayholmes.com for the costs of advertising, web based adverts, previous viewings, administrative costs etc.